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Who we are

Tech Go Green, a California Public Benefit, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Southern California, is dedicated to fostering energy efficient technology and renewable practices so that our natural resources are sustained for all life on Earth. We believe wholeheartedly that a sustainable future depends completely on a global value shift and understand the difficulty inherent in such a monumental goal, the success of which will pivot largely upon education and action. Our mission is to cultivate a sustainable community for everyone through our Green Community Initiative.

The Problem

We currently face an array of environmental problems that have already begun to profoundly affect the foundations of life on this planet. Without immediate action to change the ways we live and do business, the threat of environmental collapse is an imminent reality.

Our approach

This challenge presents the opportunity to reconnect humanity with our environment, to inspire modification of our most basic living practices in order to sustain what is most precious to our existence. Although the task of creating a “green” and sustainable community can be immensely complex, the basic steps to achieving this goal can be simplified and made actionable for any community member. The need for a nonprofit organization that could make significant efforts in green technology and environmentally conscious practices accessible to the community at large became a pressing issue for Ivan Kan while still attending the University of California, Irvine. Shortly after graduation, he proposed the idea to his colleagues and officially incorporated Tech Go Green in March of 2008.

Green Community Initiative

Sustainable Design
South bay Green Business Program
Resource Recovery Program

Green Community Initiative

A comprehensive program that strives to educate the public and private sectors about the benefits of going green and transform old attitudes into progressive endeavors.

Sustainable Design

Identifies changes that will achieve greater sustainability.


Guest speakers from the green industry.

Resource Recovery Program

 Collection and drop off of recyclables.


First-hand experience in the fields of sustainable design.

Sustainable Design

We specialize in Sustainability Designs that provide strategic actionable courses for business owners to apply environmentally sound changes to their operations while inspiring responsible personal practice. Our sustainability audits include an examination of energy use, water use, waste and recycling, travel and transportation, office equipment and computing, purchasing, building design, and product and service design. By analyzing utility bills and performing a walkthrough of each facility, we compile a Sustainability Design that identifies changes that will mitigate a building’s environmental impact, provide project management and oversight of subcontractors during the implementation process, and educate building-users on how to adopt eco-conscious practices that will achieve greater sustainability.



In order to promote the awareness of environmental issues and initiatives, Tech Go Green conducts monthly workshops that cater to three different populations: businesses, residents, and students. These workshops aim to educate members of the community about the various ways to reduce their environmental impact through sustainable living. They provide excellent detail and relevant advice about going green, including viable avenues of career development within the environmental industry. Information is taught in a simple, easily accessible manner that clearly indicates the goals, costs, benefits and methods related to the chosen topic. Workshops feature guest speakers from the green industry and provide pertinent contact information for further research and participation.

Resource Recovery Program

Tech Go Green is pioneering the development of a full service Resource Recovery Program catered to businesses within the South Bay to complement our Sustainability Designs. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive, well-organized, convenient full service collection and drop off program that will supply proper collection bins for all recyclables, including plastic, aluminum, glass, paper, cardboard, printer cartridges, batteries, e-waste, toxic waste, even green waste, and a bimonthly pickup schedule tailored to individual business needs. The community can get involved by volunteering to help administer the program and facilitate the collection and drop off of recyclables at their respective facilities.



The opportunity to work as part of Tech Go Green’s small and growing organization provides invaluable edification. Through our internship program, we give college students and recent college graduates the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the fields of sustainable design, environmental education, green marketing and networking, professional proposal and grant writing, program development and administration. This experience is designed to provide the interns with practical knowledge of the environmental industry, guide their education and career goals, and enhance their personal marketability in the environmental job field.


eWaste Milk Run

March of 2010, Tech Go Green organized a “milk run” to pick up eWaste from local business along a planned route.

Disney Volunteers

March of 2010, Tech Go Green recruits Disney volunteers to coordinate a community recycling event

Westwood Green Careers Workshop

February of 2010, Kalisa Falzone hosted a Green Careers Workshop at Westwood College, CA


June 2009, Tech Go Green collaborated with Irvine’s APO chapter in create outreach effort involving students in a Photoshoot.

ECC Green Careers Workshop

March of 2009, Kalisa Falzone hosted a Green Careers Workshop at El Camino College, CA

Blueprint Analysis

A Sustainable Design project starts with a blueprint analysis. Here we identify potential areas to investigate during our site walkthrough.

Fall 2009 Internship

Welcoming our new Fall 2009 Internship Program

Rotary Club Speech

Rotary Club Speech in January 2009

Little Company of Mary Recyling

November 2009 Community wide recycling at Little Company of Mary

Little Company of Mary Recyling

September 2009 Community wide recycling at Little Company of Mary

ECC Green Careers Workshop

October of 2009, Kalisa Falzone hosted a second Green Careers Workshop at El Camino College, CA

Little Company of Mary Recycling

February 2009 Community wide recycling at Little Company of Mary

Historic Filipinotown Booth

March of 2009, Tech Go Green joined the Historical Filipinotown community in welcoming Manny Pacquio in a green event. While local non-profits were distributing trees, our volunteers were educating visitors about sustainable efforts they can take.

Manhattan Beach Booth

March of 2009, Tech Go Green joined the Manhattan Beach Farmers Market to share our mission with the beach communities. Our custom “I love MB” reusable tote bags were a hit!


Providing sustainable merchandise with volunteer designs were a perfect match for our fundraising efforts. Featuring water based inks printed on American Apparel Sustainable line shirts


Our Projects


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